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June 18, 2003--

More photos of Tristen have been added to his page, and there are new items in the FUNSTUFF section, including games, a piano you can play with the keyboard, and other stuff to, well, have fun with (hence the name 'FUNSTUFF'). To get to FUNSTUFF click here or go through the 'Family Links' button at the top of the page.

March 15, 2003--

The photo album has been redone and is a little nicer when you check out the larger images. Also, there is a NEW ADDITION, both to the album and to the family! Check out the new Tristen page! More photos to come as soon as they are available!

Congratulations to Juliet and Chris and their new baby boy!

September 23, 2002--

I added a special birthday storybook for Keali's 6th birthday.
You can see it here.

Happy Birthday Keali!

August 19, 2002--

Updated, added new javascripts. I would gladly welcome input for additional content, or ideas. This is your page too!

July 27, 2002--

I have completed all of the old newsletters. There were 17 in the first series and only one more after that in a second series. If there were ever any more made, I do not know where they are so I could not put them in.

I have much of the photo album completed as well, however I should have those completed by the end of the month (only a few days away).

There are new areas under links, including my very own Simpsons page, and some fun javascript items such as Madlibs and a memorable moment with Mark and Richard. Check it out!--

July 3, 2002--

Just so everyone knows, there have been lots of subtle changes being made over the last couple of weeks. Mainly additions have been made in the photo gallery. I have added lots of images in the favorites section so far, and will be adding to other segments of the album on a daily basis.

Please feel free to email me with suggestions for additional material, or just to say 'hi' until the message board is implemented.

Oh, and if you happen to get a bad link (which will happen a lot because there are a lot of unfinished areas) you will get to see my cute error page. Or at least you will if you have the 'show friendly HTTP error messages' turned OFF in IE. To do this, go into IE, click on tools/internet options/Advanced -- then scroll down to 'show friendly HTTP error messages' and make sure it is unchecked.

Thanks for taking a look!

Sometime in June, but forgot to put a date--

Welcome to our home page!
Here you can see many things about us, what we have done, where we have gone, who we are, and more.
Enter and take a look around. Perhaps stay a spell.=)
I am really being boring here because I don't know what to write, so bear with me!
This is a work in progress, and it IS progressing, albeit slowly. The only sections that are working to date are the newsletter area and the beginnings of the photo album. Feel free to check it out =)

This site makes use of four of my favorite fonts.

Click on any of the above names to download that font. Click here for a brief explaination on how to install the new fonts.