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The reason I made this site:

        The first and foremost reason, perhaps the only one worth expressing -- memories. The site is meant to be fun, entertaining, but most of all to provide a gathering place for friends and family to share fond memories. Sometimes we don't appreciate the memories we are making as we make them. Time passes. People come and go. Sometimes we just forget.

        Memories are very important to me. They help to tie things together. They help bind friends and families and lives into something that can make sense. Memories are also something that I do not have a lot of. Something happened to me that caused what the doctors first labeled as 'retrograde amnesia'. Later, after many psychological and physical tests, and further deliberations, this was clarified into something called 'psychogenic amnesia'. What this actually means is that something happened to me; either an event, or a series of events; that caused my memory of that time period to be erased. Worse, everything associated with that event also became erased from that point backward, hence the original diagnosis 'retrograde' amnesia. Whatever name you want to give it, the result was a loss of most of my life's memories. This caused major disruptions within my family, mainly because of lack of knowledge on the subject, and because this kind of thing just doesn't happen. Not to us. Not to our family. Only it did.

        Fortunately for me, a lot of my family's past was captured in one form or another, such as the newsletters and photographs that are included in this site. It is my hope that by sharing these things and others, that we will be able to hold on to what we had, and grasp the future while we are still able to do so.

        Here's to hoping for more good memories to come =)