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Keali's Birthday Story
page 1

    Today was Keali's birthday.
Her mommy told her she could pick out her own special present. Keali was very excited about it, but she wasn't sure what she wanted.

    There were people there to eat the cake and ice cream and pretty chocolate cupcakes with birthday candles in them.

page 2

    Keali ate a cupcake, but first she blew out the candle!

    As she ate, Keali watched her two kitties chase each other back and forth. This gave Keali a great idea! Wouldn't another pet be wonderful to have?

page 3

    So Keali got her mommy to take her right to the pet store.

    They were having a big sale with all the pets at low, low prices.

    Keali saw dogs, kitties, birds and fish.

page 4

    There was a funny puppy that was brown with white spots.

    Keali thought he looked like he would love chasing the kitties.

    Keali's mommy thought so too.

page 5

    There was a big blue bird that Keali knew was called a peacock.

    She didn't like the way it's tail kept staring at her!

page 6

    There were orange goldfish, and green turtles, and red, black, and yellow snakes.

    Keali couldn't make up her mind! There were so many things to choose from!

    Then there was a strange hissing sound from the next room.

    Keali opened the door, took one look and said, 'Mommy, that is the one I want!'

page 7

    Keali's mommy almost fainted!

page 8

    But then the pet store man came up to them and said, 'Those balloons are selling very fast.'

    'Balloons?' said Keali's mommy.

    A few minutes later, Keali and her mommy left the pet store holding hands.

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