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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 10

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Page One


Amber: Terror of the Household!!!

       Amber has been the terror of the household lately. She screams and kicks and makes a fuss whenever she doesn't get her own way. This little girl knows that when she says: 'I gotta go potty!' that Mommy will rush her to the toilet, no matter WHERE they are.

       Amber doesn't like being in bed alone, but she doesn't like to sleep either. When it is bedtime, she makes poor Juliet miserable. Amber kicks, pokes, and pulls Juliet's hair. If that doesn't work, then Amber just sits there and talks to Juliet. If Juliet doesn't answer, then Amber starts to YELL:


VERY loudly, over and over!

       In order to get some sleep, Juliet has had to start sleeping on the couch in the front room. Amber doesn't like this solution at all! In fact, she is so against the idea of being alone that she has started making up her own private monster!

       Amber's monster is seen only by her, but she seems to see it in the most unlikely places. Usually on a wall, near the toothpaste, under the table,
or in Richard's shoe. Amber always seems to think the monster wants to eat her. If that is the case, it undoubtedly has two mouths. One to stick her in, and the other to spit her back out!

       Amber has learned how to open the refrigerator. Now whenever she wants something to eat she can get it herself. Unfortunately, Amber is ALWAYS hungry!! It is impossible to keep pickles in the house anymore (not that it was easy before!). And Amber has a lot of fun poking her fingers through all the eggshells. Dropping the eggs on the floor, or trying to hit the cat's head with them is another fun sport for her as well!

       Ah well, I guess that is why they call them the terrible twos! Oooooops! Gotta run, Amber has to go potty again!

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Page Two

       Juliet was feeling badly because her fish bowl was empty. She cried about it until Mommy said: 'You know, Juliet, fish live in the ocean.'

       Juliet thought about this for a while and then decided to go to the ocean herself. She got a diving suit and carried her fishbowl down into the water.

       For a long time Juliet didn't see much of anything except seaweed, rocks, sand and water. After a while she saw a catfish being chased by a dogfish.

       They chased each other all over the place. Then Juliet saw a lot of little tiny fish swim by. She saw a hungry looking shark, but luckily it was far away and didn't see Juliet.

       Later on, Juliet saw a happy dolphin named Herman.

       Herman was very friendly. He swam around and around Juliet in happy swirling circles.

       Juliet and Herman played together for a long time. After a while, Herman's mother called him home.

       Now Juliet was alone. She looked around and noticed it was getting dark. She headed home. When she got to where the shallow water was, where she could stand up and her head was out of the water, she looked down and saw a beautiful fish.

       Juliet caught it in the bowl and took it home. She took good care of it and was careful not to feed it too much.

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