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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 11

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Page One

Mark says:

   Mom got a lot of new programs and she has finished the Action game she was writing.

   I've been told that I should know where the Persian Gulf is. It is above the Gulf of Oman.

   Mom's and Richard's birthdays were celebrated on 10/19/88 with a very neat cake that Grandpa bought for them. Richard likes the truck you got him.

   I have learned where 59 different bodies of water are located.

   We all miss you.

   At church there were a few children chosen to say something in our special program. I am one.

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Page Two

My Birthday
As Told By Richard
Yesterday we celebrated me and mom's birthday and we had a dinosaur cake. The cake had trees and real-looking plants on it. There were dinosaurs attacking a different dinosaur. Grandpa got the cake for us.

I think it looked super neat. It tastes real good too! I sure would like another piece of it right now!

I got a game from Mom at the computer place. It's called monster maze. The monsters look neat and you go around and get treasures and stuff.

I really like the truck Daddy sent me. I like it because it has a door behind it that can open and close. It has a cage. I open and close the cage and put muscle men and animals in it. I like it best because my Daddy sent it.

Grandma Billie got me something too. She got me a new shirt with a shoe on the front. She made it for me. I will wear it tomorrow.

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Page Three

   Once upon a time there was a big hill. It had an ugly face on the side of it (like Mark's). A ghost was on it.

   Richard, Juliet and Amber went into the house that was there.

     There was a monster in the hall on their left. In another room there was a skeleton. On the right there was a big spider!

   Richard, Juliet, and Amber went down the hall and Juliet found a weapon. She tried to use it on the monster but it was not a monster, it was Dad in a costume! The big spider was Mark. The skeleton was really Mom. It was a party for us little kids!

I miss you, Dad!

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