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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 12

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Page One

       Trees gave a big trunk and a lot of leafs. Some trees are old and some trees are new. Some trees are tall and some are short but some have flowers.

       We have trees not just because they are pretty but because we have them to make air, or should I say clean air.

       That's why the world needs trees. How lovely the trees are!

       Mom has been Babysitting Martine's children.

       I will be a shepherd for Halloween.

       At school just about everybody hates me(the kids).

       I have been reading a book called Wishbringer. I just started it, but I will be finished with it by the 14th of November.

       We got yet more games.

       Me and Juliet are going to get baptized on 10-29-88. That is the day before Richard's birthday. This is something we really want to do.

       The cat is getting very pretty and fluffy now that his winter coat has started growing in.

       Mom is going to a seminar so she can learn how to be a cub scout leader. I will be a Webelo. Grandpa is going to come here and watch us while mom is at the seminar.

       Everyone said I did real well on my speaking part in the show last sunday. Mom said she was very proud of me.

       My flute got fixed too.

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Page Two

       There was a costume parade at school today. Everyone dressed up in their halloween costumes.

       Some people were dressed like witches, skeletons, ghosts, bats, and mummies. Some people were dressed like devils also. There were vampires, five of them... no six. One of them was from my class.

       Also there were Alfs. Can you pelieve that? People dressed up like Alf? There were five Alfs.

       Some grownups were dressed like clowns. My last years teacher was dressed like a clown too! One of the clowns was painting people's faces. They painted a blue and black z on my cheek. I like it because it looks neat.

        I got candy. I got one piece and one pack, but I ate it all before I got home.

the end

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