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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 13

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news flash

   Well, things have been going kind of crazy around here this past week! The VCR broke down completely -- oh well, I guess it was about time for that! The sewing machine is a goner also... It just decided it didn't want to work anymore. And wouldn't you know it, the brakes on the car are shot! Hmmm... I wonder what else can go wrong? Oh no! I almost forgot -- Juliet's bed is broken too!

The News By Mark:

   At home we've been having a lot of fun getting more and more games. At school my class went to a concert on 10-26-88. It had music from Beethoven and other music designers like that. It played Mountain King and the song that the magic fire made in the game. We all went to a Halloween party which took place in the church. Before we went, we went trick-or-treating and got quite a bit of candy for the little area we covered. When we got there we helped get everything ready for the party. Richard's sunday school teacher won the cake contest. Everybody won the cupcake walk if they were playing when it finished.

   They had an auction for the cakes before we left. While mom made out costumes the sewing machine broke right when mom was just about finished making Juliet's costume! So mom sewed the rest of Juliet's costume by hand and just made a black patch and painted Richard's face to look like a pirate; she also put a bandana on his head.

   In school there is a test teacher named Mrs. Snodgrass. She has been in my class ever since tuesday. She has been doing the work for Mark Curran (my teacher). The book they have been reading 'The Indian in the Cupboard' is a neat book where a kid named Omri gets a cupboard and puts a plastic indian in and locks it. When he wakes up the Indian is alive!

Talk to ya later!

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   Our whole family went to the Halloween Party. There were lots of games.

   There was a fishing game. Someone puts a fishing pole out and you catch a bag with candy and toys. And also there was a different kind of a game where you had to step on numbers. You walk around this big circle while music is playing. Then the music stops and you are supposed to stop on the number you are standing on or else run and jump on another number if no one else is on it. Whoever they say the number for got a ticket. You could turn in the ticket for a cupcake or some popcorn.

   First we went in this cave thing. And you had to get 3 or 4 packs of candy. There were bats hanging in it and witches. Thats all that was in there.

   There were two other games there that were toss-pot games. In one of them you toss three yellow and blue striped bean bags into a big black witches pot. You win a prize even if you miss every one like Amber. For that you win a balloon, and when it popped, there were candies inside! In the other toss game you had to throw the tossies into an ugly big black bat's mouth. You could win some candy and pencils.

   There was a haunted house there too. There were graves and dead bodies popped out of them. There was a treasure chest full of candy and you had to get the candy. There was another haunged house there too. When you goed inside it, it was dark inside. And you had to get zapped! Then you could get a bunch of candy and laugh. That was where you had to go to get some of Mike's yummy rootbeer too!

   There was a bunch of cakes there. There was a rabbit cake, and an astronaut cake, and some halloween cakes and other cakes were there too. People were buying the cakes.

Everyone was all dressed up in their costumes. There was a parade of all the costumes and every child won a blue ribbon. I was a Pirate! Mark was a shepherd, Juliet was a princess, and Amber was a cat. We all had lots of candy there and had a lot of fun.

* * * the end * * *
Page Two

Birds fly around and around.
Birds in trees and sky abound.

Birds try to fly up high in the sky

They fly everywhere in the sky

why can't I?

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