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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 15
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Page One

   At school on sunday 3 boys got hurt. 2 of them got shot by a gun and the other one got badly injured with a baseball bat. One of the boys who was shot was dead.

   The boys were hurt at Elizabeth Hudson Elementary School, the school that Richard and I go to. There was a lot of blood in the boys bathroom. Some people said that they saw bloody footprints also. The police say there is still a gun missing somewhere near the school.

   They said it might be in the school, park or Navy housing.

   All the children in school were frightened by the blood. Now I am afraid to go to school. Richard is scared too.

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Page Two

The Magic Turkey
a story by Mark
Once upon a time...

   Mr. Conner had a turkey egg. The egg was about 7 inches in diameter. When it hatched, it changed into a big chick.

   It kept growing fast. When November came, it was 4 feet long and very fat. Mr. Conner found out that it was a female, but the stubborn turkey just wouldn't lay eggs. It was getting near Thanksgiving and Mr. Conner was going to eat it.

   Two days before Thanksgiving someone stole the turkey. He fed the turkey a lot of food so the turkey grew very big and fat. Then the next day the thief tried to kill the turkey but it got away. The turkey had to continueously keep running. If it ran near anybody they would try to catch it.

   A few hours later the turkey got home. Mr. Conner thought the turkey was hiding so he got ready to kill it. On Thanksgiving, Mr. Conner woke up with a smile. After he ate breakfast he and Mrs. Conner were ready to kill the juicy turkey. Mrs. Conner held the turkey down so Mr. Conner could kill it. Just as he was about to kill it he noticed something under the turkey.

   It was a laxyerium egg! (Laxyerium is worth much more than gold!)

   Mr. Conner decided not to kill the turkey. So he bought a cooked one from the store. The Conners because trillionaires and lived with the magic turkey happily ever after.

*** the end ***

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Page Three

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