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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 16

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   During the past week we have had some strange weather around here.

   Most of the days are very warm, in the upper 80s on several days. Sure doesn't feel much like winter! But the overnight lows would be down to around 50.

   We have had several earthquakes here lately. But the biggest was only 5.0 on the richter scale. It was from a newly discovered fault line that runs under Long Beach. It is 40 miles long and 10 miles wide. It runs from Seal Beach north.

   The last few days there have been strong Santa Ana winds here also. The winds were often 60 miles per hour. This has started many fires in the area.

   At school last year we had a BIG test. This year, since we had that test the people who scored real high got placed in a group called XL.

   My whole class is an XL class. The XL group gets to do special things.

   In this group we work with Newspapers. We cut ut parts of it to spell our names and other things. Soon we will cut out pictures to make a big collage.

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Page Two

   For the past few weeks I have been grounded from playing games.

   At school I cut my hand on the chain while playing tether ball.

   I have been writing a lot of stories about Christmas. I am also making a wreath using a hanger bent into a circular shape and tissue paper. Juliet and Richard are going to see parts of the Nutcracker Suite as a field trip.

   The two worst kids at school have been bugging Daniel and I lately. Daniel says that everyone should pronounce Stegosaurus as STAG-oh-Sawr-us instead of STEG-oh-Sawr-us.

   I hate my teacher because he put my name on the board for not doing my work and my pencils weren't sharpened. Before we started I asked him if I could sharpen them. But he said that I couldn't.

   I ended up using my fingernails to sharpen one.

    The elders gave us our 6th and final lesson on 12-8-88.

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Page Three

The Christmas Snake
by: Mark Ormston

   One Christmas eve, while flying in the sky, Santa watched some snakes guarding some eggs by biting anything that came near them. This gave Santa an idea. He took one snake with him. He gave the snake magic so the snake could sense nosey kids, teleport to them, and ZAP them. Santa told it that after Christmas it would be rewarded.

   The snake wanted to help. So Santa took him to his first house. He showed it what to do. The snake did as he was told. When he returned to Santa, he was rewarded.

   Now every year Santa sends his Christmas snake out to shock the nosey children who try to peek at their Christmas presents.

Big cats are animals like tigers, lions, panthers and cougars.

One that is good is a lion, because it has big hair!

But I like the panther best. I like the panther because it is black. It has sharp teeth. It is two feet tall and weights three or four pounds.

I like tigers too. They have stripes. The tiger is three feet tall and weighs about five pounds.

The tiger growls and pulls out its long claws to scratch stuff. I like every big cat in the world. They all have sharp teeth and claws.

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