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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 17

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Page One

        Our special Christmas Dinner was held on Christmas Eve. Grandma Billie and Grandpa came to share it with us.

       We had pork roast, wild rice with mushrooms, oriental stir-fry vegetables, rolls, cheeses, lots of snacks, and hot apple cider. After all that, we had pumpkin and cherry pies. We also made lots of cookies, but we gave almost all of them away. Anyway, our dinner was nice, and the company was too.

christmas news

       Well, here is our special Christmas Edition of the Ormston Extra, and I figured I'd better come up with something to show why this issue is so late!

       For one thing, the Church's Christmas party was held on the 17th, just a week before Christmas. The party's theme was 'Christmas Traditions around the World". The kids all got to dress up in costumes representing different nationalities and cultures. There was also a nativity scene. Mark was Joseph, and Juliet was a little Dutch girl. Mark was able to use the costume I had made for him for Halloween, but I had to make a new one for Juliet. Her old Dutch hat had vanished, so I had to make her a new one. I tried to make her some wooden shoes out of papier mache', but they just wouldn't turn out right. Eventually I got tired of trying.

       Richard and Amber went to the party as typical American children. I think their costumes were the most authentic (and easiest to make as well!)

       There was a live band at the party (wouldn't it have been odd to have a dead band there?) And they played Hawaiian-style Christmas music. It was pretty neat, actually.

       Santa Claus was there, and gave a stocking full of candy to all of the children. There was a nice dinner and everyone sang Christmas Carols. It was really a lot of fun!

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Page Two

       I got a penguin which I call Pengo for Christmas. I like him because he's cute and snuggly and soft and furry. And one more thing, he sleeps with me sometimes.

       I got a toy truck for Christmas, but Amber broke it.

       I really like the thing Mom got me for Christmas. Its a playdough dinosaur set. You can make any kind of dinosaur except the ones which aren't special. All the ones that I got I think are special. It makes brontosaurus, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, and the finned back one that I can't remember its name. Oh yeah, Mom says it is called a dimetrodon. I guess she might be right, but I don't know.

       I also got a BIG CAR. I like it because it is big and goes FAST. There was a car and truck set. I like all the cars because they are new and go fast too. I can put all of the little cars and trucks inside the big car. They all fit in the big car.

       Mom got me a lego set with a lot of lego men and it builds a tower with a secret passage door. It has a horse! and all of the men have their own weapon. Most of the weapons are crossbows and regular bows. The legos have hooks that you could put stuff on and one of the hooks was different.

       I got a game from Santa. The game camed with two fishing poles and lots of fish, but I lost some of the fish. And I got some play money from Santa, and also a kaliadoscope.

That's all!

I was very excited when Christmas came. Here is my Xmas list:

1.   The Game of Life
2.   Aggravation
3.   a Pogoball Blaster
4.   a Camaro model
5.   a swirl pinball
6.   toy car
7.   a walkman
8.   Dinosaur toys
9.   a locker bank
10.  Snakes and Ladders game
11.  a bike!

       I like the game of life most because it is like real life. Aggavation is just like our old board game only it is for four players instead of six.

       The camaro model was yellow, and it's engine stuck out. Richard gave me one of his old toy cars. Mom got me an FM radio walkman. I can bounce pretty good on my pogoball-blaster. Brother Fryer got me a swirl pinball miniture (it is pretty hard).

       Santa got me some little dinosaur toys which are neat looking. Richard got some too. Grandma Billie gave me a lock to keep money in. It is a piggy bank shaped like a lock. She also made me some new clothes. Two sweat-like shirts that you have to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Santa got me a Snakes and Ladders game, which is like Chutes and ladders. He also gave me a skateboard pencil sharpener and food-shaped erasers.

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Page Three

   On Christmas Eve, Grandpa and Grandma came over. They had lunch and dinner here. They gave us some dresses, shirts, and pants. They also gave us a little toy. We were talking for a while then we had lunch.

   Then we were talking some more while us children were busily hugging Grandma. Then we ate dinner and dessert. And then Grandpa and Grandma went back home.

   Grandpa gave us ET too! We watch it a lot!

   On Christmas I got a bike, spirograph, two puzzles, a Fashion Star Filly, a watchamel, a thing with a pen and pencil, a toy hair dryer set, and a gymnastic ribbon. The thing I like best is the bike! Do you know why? Because since I got it Mom taught me how to ride it!

Next I like the spirograph because it makes neat pictures. The Fashion Star Filly is a pretty horse. There is a puzzle that has two puppies on it and the other one has purtenders on it. The Watchimal is a butterfly watch!

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page four

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* * * the end * * *
Rock 'N' Roll

Rock music seems to grow more slimey every day. When a group like 'The Goofy Staples' gives a concert, it usually holds it in the bottom of a trashcan.At least 20,000 clods will show up and pay as much as $40 each for milk bottles.

One of the most successful groups today is called 'The Oblong Reindeer'. This group consists of Lassie, who plays the keyboards, and Fred Flintstone, who plays the candle, and Amber who is the fluid singer.

My favorite group is called 'Blah!'. The members all play electric hatchets and jump around stupidly for three hours and finish their concert by blowing up their feet!

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