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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 2

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Page One

It bugs me!

As you may recall from previous correspondence, our new house is infested with fleas and ants!
Recently it was sprayed both inside and out with enough toxic chemicals to cause severe brain damage to the next seven generations of the Ormston family! Unfortunately the same can not be said about the fleas and ants. These insect pests seem to thrive on the spray!

New groups of ants are coming into the house in droves. There are twice as many now as there were before the fateful spray day. Fleas are everywhere, especially all over us! The things are so blasted annoying. It is good that you are not here to be eaten alive by these miniature replicas of jaws!!

We have been told that it will take a few days for the chemicals to take effect, but we didn't realize the results would be worse!

By Juliet

Once the cat ran out in the yard and ran into something.
It was a box. He liked it so much we had to keep it. So we did, and now he always sleeps in it.

Juliet says:

One day Richard said 'I want to play games. Waaaaaaaa!'

Richard said 'Waaaaaaaa!' so much that his whole head blowed off, and his head was way up in the air.

And his stupid head was still saying 'Waaaaaaaaa!'

** the end**

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Page Two

Once upon a time there was an alien named Hyper who came down to earth one day. He was flying over the huge Pacific Ocean and decided to land.
Since there wasn't any land to land on, his tiny flying saucer splashed down into the water. His saucer slowly sank to the bottom.
Hyper anxiously climbed out of the cockpit. As Hyper looked around he saw a funny looking octopus with a funny face and it talked funny too. The octopus said, 'Hi, my name is George!'
'I am Hyper,' said Hyper. 'Let's play a game!'
So George and Hyper start to play lots of games. They tried playing cards, but the cards got all wet and soggy. They tried playing soccer, but the ball floated away. They tried playing computer games, but there was nowhere to plug in the computer.
'This isn't working,' said George.
Suddenly some seahorses swam by. This gave Hyper an idea. 'I know,' he said, 'We'll have a horse race!'
It wasn't easy, but George and Hyper managed to get on two of the seahorses. They raced around and around the ocean floor.
When they finally finished racing, the two friends were very tired, but not as tired as the seahorses!
'Hey, who won?' asked Hyper suddenly.
'I don't know,' said George. 'You know something? I feel so tired I could explode," he said.
'Yeah, me too,' said Hyper.
And they did!

B O O M ! !

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