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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 3

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Page One

A poem by Mark

Friends are great for play
sometimes you can say yea or nay
Friends are like me
and are helpful
I think I'll go play today.

Juliet says:

The cat has been very bad. He sleeps on the table, eats our dinner, and stuff like that. What a stupid cat! I don't think he will ever do stuff right.

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Page Two

Juliet and Friends

    One day Juliet was playing in the park, and found a pretty stick and it turned into a magical wand.

    Juliet said, 'What a pretty wand!'

    The wand said, 'What a pretty girl. You look like a fairy princess!' Then Juliet suddenly turned into a beautiful fairy princess. She was teleported into a magical kingdom and she found a unicorn.

    Juliet and the unicorn played together for a long time and became very good friends. They played with each other all day long and had a very good time. Then they went to sleep.

    When Juliet woke up the unicorn was gone. All she could find were its horseshoes and a note on the ground. The note said that an alien had come during the night and took the unicorn prisoner.

    Juliet was very upset and she looked all over for the unicorn. She looked under the trees. She looked under the sparkling water of the waterfall in the pond. She looked around the rose bushes by the meadow. She was so upset that she couldn't find him that she started to cry.

    A butterfly was passing by and said, 'Don't cry, I can take you to them.' And he did.

    Juliet snuck up behind the alien and hit him on the head with a rock. The alien cried out.

    'Don't hurt him!' said the unicorn. 'All he wants is a friend!'

    So Juliet appologized to the alien and teaches him how to braid the unicorn's tail. They soon become good friends.

The End

After recently viewing 'Night of the Living Dead' for the very first time, the three oldest Ormston children were anxious to share their views on this gruesome movie.

QUESTION: What did you think of the movie?
Juliet: it's disgusting!
Richard: it was ugly and wonderful! I liked those dead bodies walking. It was funny!
Mark: it was unusual.

QUESTION: were you scared?
Mark: a bit.
Juliet: yes
Richard: I didn't think it was very scary except for the chopped up lady.

QUESTION: Would you like to see it again?
Richard: yes
Juliet: no!!!!
Mark: someday...

QUESTION: What did you think was the grossest thing in the movie?
Juliet: the little girl killing her mother.
Richard: Yeah, there was lots of black blood!
Mark: The part that was the most disgusting was where the little girl chopped up her mother. She was chopped up and bloody. But this movie isn't nearly as gross as Robocop!

True Confessions
by Juliet

Sometimes I am bad, sometimes I am good. Most of the time I am good. When I am bad I like it anyway. I love my mom, dad, brothers and my sister. Sometimes I sorta like the cat too.

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