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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 4
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Page One

Juliet has turned 9!

For my birthday, I had an icecream pie, with coconut, cool whip, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cherries, and icecream of course.

I got a lite-bright and made lots of pictures! I had a good time! I have a picture to make for you. I also got a jewelry box from Grandpa. That's all!

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Page Two

The Little Green Man

    Once upon a time Mark, Juliet and Richard were just finished playing a game of hide and seek in the back yard when the little green man suddenly appeared. He had three rings and he told the kids to each choose one. Juliet quickly grabbed the red one. Mark snatched up the pretty blue one, leaving Richard with the plain looking yellow one.

    The kids tried on their rings and were magically transformed into fantastic creatures. Juliet was turned into a fire-breathing dragon! Mark was transformed into a saber-toothed tiger. And richard was turned into a magical unicorn. Then the little green man teleported them to a forest filled with hundreds of trees, each with an ugly face on the side.

    Mark tried to climb a tree to look around, but he was too heavy to climb up very high. Juliet flew up in the air to look around. She could see a castle to the west. She landed and picked up Mark and Richard and then flew west. When they got to the castle they stopped and looked around. The castle was surrounded by a large moat.

    Richard looked at himself in the moat, and was surprised to see a water dragon in the murkey waters. The dragon did not act very friendly. He asked the children/creatures to leave.

    'This is my castle,' he said. 'You must leave!'

    Juliet breathed fire at the sea dragon and her fire was so hot it made all of the water in the moat evaporate! The sea dragon slithered on the ground helplessly, saying: 'That was all the water left in our world! Now we will all die!!'

Meanwhile, Mark and Richard go into the castle. Inside they see lots of very unusual flowers and plants.
    Mark headed northwest and discovered a huge fountain with silver water. Mark was very thirsty but he tasted it first to make sure it wasn't poisonous. It tasted like bubble gum! He drank and drank. Then he began to cough. He coughed so long and hard that he soon had a giant bubble the size of a blimp sticking out of his mouth! It carried him up over the inner wall.

    Richard tried to go over the inner wall also, but it was too high for him. He used his magical horn to open the gate. He went inside and saw something beautiful and wonderful.

    Meanwhile, Juliet carried the sea monster in to the fountain. There were buttons at the bottom of it and the sea dragon told her if she pressed them in a certain order the fountain would make water and the world would be saved. After a long time, Juliet finally did it.

    Richard showed Mark the beautiful thing he had found. It was a golden statue. The statue said 'I am the prince of this world. Find the key to bring my people back to life.'

    All three kid-creatures went down into the dungeon and looked for the key. The dungeon was full of ghouls and skeletons. The kids had to fight a bunch of them over and over before they found the key.

    Everyone in the land was saved, and the sea dragon turned into a handsome king. He said 'Thank you,' to Juliet and kissed her cheek. Juliet was very happy. Mark was given a statue of a skeleton for his valor, and Richard was given a dime. Then the kids were teleported home.

** T H E - E N D **

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Page Three



I'll tell you what my favorite dinosaurs are. I like brontosaurus and tyrannosaurus rexes. And all the other dinosaurs I like too. I like those two the most, because I just like them.

The Brontosaurus is one of the ones with a long neck and also it's one of the biggest dinosaurs.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex
can eat different dinosaurs.
Also it has sharp claws and
stuff like that,
lots of super sharp stuff.

I like that in dinosaurs.

The Brontosaurus is still bigger though.

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