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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 5

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We've really been burning in this hot weather. It has been very very hot. It was over 108 degrees in our front room! We felt like we were melting!

Outside it was even hotter. At least until the late afternoon. Then it felt much cooler outside.

The family was sprayed all over everyday with the hose.
(What a relief!)

We got me some glases for only $20! (Wow!)

Mom got us some pens, pads and folders for school too.

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    One day Mark was playing with some friends outside when he saw a frog the same size as him.

    It said, 'Hi! My name is Brian.'

    Mark said, 'My name is Mark. Do you want to play at my house?'

    Ok,' said Brian the frog.

    So they went to Mark's house and played. They played games on the computer. They played Boulderdash, Boulderdash II, Goonies, and Archon. They also played Frogger II. Mark won every game except Frogger II. Brian won the whole game.

    After a while, then had to stop playing games and go outside. They went to Brian's pond to go swimming. They swam around and jumped on the huge lilly pads.

    After that, they went to Mike's house. There they watched movies and stuff like that. Then they played outside and got wet.

    When they dried off, they went over to Bobby's house to play with his cars. Bobby had a 4x4 and a trailer truck that were really neat. He also had Gobots and lots of Transformers. Brian was impressed!

    After that they all went for a walk in the woods. It was creepy and dark there. They saw cougars, trees and a large striped snake.

    They were happy to get out of the woods. They went back to Mark's house. They were hot, so they drank lots of soda and afterwards had a burping contest.

    Then Brian had to go home to eat dinner. So Brian went home.
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I like water. I like it because its fun to play in. I can splash in it, swim in a pool, and get squirted. I don't like getting squirted in the face because it makes bruises next to my eyes. Getting squirted is cool and is fun!

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