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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 6

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Page One
A Trip to Knott's Berry Farm for the Kids!

Mike Herrick took Mark, Juliet, and Richard to Knott's Berry Farm on Monday, September 12th. Mom and Amber didn't go to Knott's Berry Farm, they got to go on an exciting trip to the commissary instead! But I will save that breath-taking episode for a future issue. This entire issue of The Ormston Extra is being devoted entirely to the Knott's trip.

Mike picked the kids up around 11:00 am, and they were all ready to go at least 2 hours before Mike arrived.

I asked the kids about their day when they got home and this is what they said:

Mark: When we got there we went to the petting zoo. There was a goat, sheep, and turtle.

Richard: Yeah, it was a very BIG turtle!

Mark: After that we went to a merry-go-round thing pulled by a mule.

Juliet: We all went on that. It was fun and sorta fast!

Mark: I'd say it went about 50 miles per hour.

Richard:You're stupid, Mark! It didn't go that fast!

Mark: We went on a train ride all the way around camp Snoopy.

Juliet: Then we went to the playhouse.

Richard: It had dancing frogs!

Juliet: there were bears making pies and a pie-eating contest with a wolf trying to steal a pie. There was a sleeping bear and a whole bunch of frogs and stuff.

Richard: There was a great big cave with a little tunnel.

Juliet: Next we went to the airplanes.

Richard: They were fun!

Juliet: They were Snoopy and Red Baron airplanes.

Mark: We went on the Ferris Wheel. Juliet and me rode in one seat and Mike rode with Richard. It went around about 5 times then started letting people off. Then we went on a big thing that went back and forth and back and forth and then spun around. I don't know what it's called.

Richard: After that we went on the log ride. It was fun and also there were radio things that talked and statues. Some moved, and they said, 'Hey you! There's fast water ahead!'

Mark: You go up and down and up and down and you think that's the end, but you go up and down some more. At the end you go far down real fast!

Juliet: Next we went to the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs! First of all, you go on these seats in a professor's Laboratory.

Mark: Then he uses his time machine and you go back 20,000 years in time.

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Page Two

Richard: There were CAVEMEN!!!

Mark: It was the ice age. There were saber tooth tigers, wolves attacking a huge elk.

Richard: Boy, it was freezing cold! It felt like it really was frozen, like the ice was real!

Mark: Then we went to 60,000 years ago.

Richard: We went to the DINOSAURS!!!

Mark: Shut up, Richard!! We went to 60,000 years ago and saw a wooly mammoth. Then we went to 300,000,000 years ago.

Richard: Then we went to the Dinosaurs!

Mark: Not yet, Richard!!! Anyway, we went through that time and then we were at about 250 million years ago and we saw a dimetrodon.

Juliet: then we saw three stegosauruses and four triceratops.

Mark: And a Tyrannosaurus Rex was there too, and a pteranodon was flying overhead.

Richard: The tyrannosaurus rex was moving its head and was attacking all these other dinosaurs. Then we goed and saw the stegosaurus. it was just standing there. We saw its tail and it was moving. We saw a daddy duckbill dinosaur and a brontosaurus standing next to it. Both of their heads were moving.

Juliet: Then we went back to the Present time and the professor said, 'It works! I got you back!'

Mark: Then me and Juliet went on greased lightening twice. Richard was too afraid to go on it. He stayed by Mike. Greased lightening starts out going pretty slowl then you go faster and start to spin around. It spins around and goes up and down and sometimes we'd go totally on our side because we were going so fast. Then it slowed down and we got off.

Mark again: Then we went on these cup-like things. We all went on one.

Juliet: It goes around and Mike said,'This is one of those things that makes you sick!'

Mark: We went to see Sea Dreams. It was a three-D movie. It was telling about certain fish and how they act are similar to other animals on land.

Richard: They talked about dolphins and how they act like people Then after that, we saw two real dolphins! They walked on the land!

Mark: They jumped up on a sheet of paper. Then the trainer said,'If you think Michael Jackson is good, then watch this!' and the dolphins rode on their tails wiggling backward in the water. (This was followed by a demonstration by all three children.)

Juliet: There were other things we did, like go on the parachute jump. It was very high and I closed my eyes!

Mark: There was a super neat ride called Montezuma's Revenge! We really wanted to go on it but we were too small. Juliet and I went on a little roller coaster instead while Mike and Richard watched.

Richard: Right at the end, we went through Land of the Dinosaurs again! It was fun! I liked it best!

Mark: Going to Knott's is funner than Disneyland!

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