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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 8

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Page One

The Eidolon Report:

        The kids have all been playing the Eidolon a lot lately and have managed to discover some new things in the game.

        Juliet was the first one to get to level 4 and fight the two-headed dragon. She shot one of its heads off, but it still managed to destroy her! It was Mark who managed to get past it first.

       There were puffer-birds, and strange one-eyed creatures on level 4. There are funny singing creatures on level five, and a three-headed dragon on level 6!

        No one has gotten past level 6 as yet. It was so hard that even Mark was always getting lost in the tunnels!

       School is o.k. this year. My teacher is Mr. Curran. Mr. Curran has lots of animals in the classroom, like a chameleon and turtles, mice and snakes. Mr. Curran likes science and math best (me too!)

        We have reading first, then comes math (hurrah!)

        After that comes language arts, and last we have health or sience (hip hip horray!). Then we come home.

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Page Two

Eating it, with Richard!

        Food is something everyone needs, without it we would die. Everything needs food except for the earth, wood, and rocks.

        My worst food is broccoli. I hate it because it tastes gross.

        Everyone should hate some food. Everybody should like some foods too.

        I like hotdogs, hamburgers, milk, french fries (especially if they have catsup on them), and I like corn dogs.

        but what I like best is ice cream. Vanilla ice cream. Chips are good too!

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Page Three

        One day, early in the morning, Richard woke

up early and started to sneeze. He sneezed so loud that he woke up everyone else in the house and blasted Mark right out of bed!

       Mark wasn't very happy to get blown out of the bed, so he grumbled a lot. Then he went out to the kitchen to get himself something to eat.

       Mark looked in the refrigerator and saw a nice big chicken and a piece of pumpkin pie. He figured he'd have a little of both. He pulled some meat off the chicken to make a sandwich. Then he took the sandwich and pumpkin pie piece out to the table to eat.

       He heard Richard coming, so he hid the piece of pie under his seat so Richard wouldn't see it and want some. Richard let Shadow the cat in when he opened the front door to get the newspaper for Mom.

       The cat was rubbing against Richard's feet and ankles, meowing loudly. Richard petted Shadow, then kicked him. Shadow ran over to

Mark and rubbed on his ankles and meowed. Then he noticed the piece of pumpkin pie under Mark's seat, and he quickly gobbled it up.

       Then the cat headed out to the kitchen and jumped on the counter to investigate the chicken.

       Richard walked in and yelled, 'Bad Kitty Cat!!!' very loudly.

        Shadow was so frightened, he jumped right inside the chicken! Richard started to laugh, and Shadow tried to run away, but he fell into the sink with the chicken stuck over his head. His feet hit the hot water and Shadow jumped right through the ceiling, and came back down right on top of Mark's head!!

       There was a huge cockroach stuck to the end of the cat's tail, and it looked like a four legged chicken with a cat-tail neck and a cockroach head.

       Mark was so surprised he didn't know what to think.

       Then suddenly the front door opened and a policeman walked in. The policeman said, 'Ah-ha! We have found the alien invader at last!'

       Then the policeman started talking really funny, saying things like: 'Oooga, booga, hoogle hoy'.

       Mark thought this was very funny. so he started to laugh. The policeman thought this was the alien's language, so he started to laugh also. Then Mark took the chicken-cat-roach off his head.

       The policeman was so surprised that he fainted. He thought the alien had just pulled its own head off!

       There was the whirring sound of a helicoptor outside, and the totally freaked-out cat finally managed to find his way out of the chicken carcass. Then two more policemen came into the house and looked around in confusion. The cockroach suddenly ran to the door saying, 'I gotta get out of this madhouse!'

       The policemen looked at Mark, the cat, the chicken, and the policeman on the floor. Then they looked at each other as the helicoptor whirred out of sight.

       'That was the alien!' they both said at the same time. Mark started to laugh again.

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