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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 1, Number 9

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Page One

        The cat has been very messy. He is just too silly.

        Mom says that the cat has been so silly that she wants it to stay outside. I think he whould eat then that's it. Beware, he's everywhere!

        Well, I decided to go to the wive's club meeting last wednesday, in spite of the fact that it was Back to School night at the schools. I had missed the previous wive's club meetings because I had other meetings at the same times...

        Anyway, I went to this one. There was a babysitter to watch the kids, so I didn't have to worry about them. The meeting was incredibly boring, though. The only thing informative in it was learning about Chambus' new programs. I am looking into that now. Other than that, the entire meeting was either silly or boring.

        They were video taping it, to send to the sailors, so a lot of people in the audience would be calling out things so the camera would swing their way. Then they would act silly.

        All they would talk about is the different fund raisers to get money so the homecoming would be better. And they are having a christmas party and things like that, so they can video tape it to send out also. I do not plan to attend. I think it is stupid to go to a party anyway, and I will not go to have a little gay facade to show how much fun I am supposedly having.

        What surprised me, was how few people were at the meeting. I guess a lot of them have good sense. We didn't learn ANYTHING about the people on the Prairie, so as far as I was concerned it was a waste of time.

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Page Two

       We went to a wive's club meeting. Mainly us kids played. First we just sat around punching punch balls. Later we played out on some mats. We did cartwheels, standed on our heads, standed on our hands, and just jumped in a jumping contest.

        We then went to the playground. I swung on a very hard plastic tire swing.

        Many people played in the playhouse. We made a death house. In this way we had Juliet and Richard on top and came down when anybody entered. David was a statue who jumped up at them. I would jump up, catch people, and tickle them.

        We saw another playhouse but we weren't allowed over there.

        We then made a scary slide. David said, 'I need brains!'

        I said, 'Hi there, I need a human heart. Come down here and lose your heart!' But then I would jump out at them. We finally went back inside.

        We all went to the bathroom and played with the punching balls again. Later we ate cookies and played again. Mom was finished with the conference. She said goodbye and left with us.

This is an elephant joke!

brought to you by: ME!

        One day, a jeweler was standing by the window of his shop when he noticed a delivery truck pull up outside. The back of the truck opened up and out stepped an elephant. The elephant broke the glass window with his tusks and started sucking up the jewelrey with his trunk. When he was finished, the elephant got back into the back of the truck and it drove away.

        Later, the jeweler had to explain to the police. 'Can you describe the elephant?' asked the policeman.

        'An elephant is an elephant,' he replied.

        'But African elephants have larger ears than Indian elephants,' explained the policeman patiently.

        'I'm afraid you're out of luck,' said the jeweler. 'The elephand had a stocking over his head!'

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