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The Ormston Extra!
Volume 2, Number 1

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Page One

The Ormston

Volume 2, No. 1
July 1990

Bloodwych Report
by Mark Ormston

Richard and I have been playing Bloodwych for a long time and we wanted to get into the last tower, Zendick's Tower. Well we finally made it. We found a few demons and a few new weapons. There were two axes, the deathbringer and the executer. And there were two swords, the fleshband and the demon blade. There's also a powerstaff and a war shield. The area we are in is a spell-fizzle area so we can't cast spells.
I hope we win.

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Page Two

One day Mark, Juliet, Richard, and Amber went to the park with the Little Green Man to fly kites. Mark was flying a huge 50 foot dragon kite. Juliet was flying a small bat kite. Richard was trying to fly a blue and white kite, but he wasn't having much luck. Amber was too young to fly a kite by herself, so she was just holding Richard's up for him. The Little Green Man didn't have a kite at all, so he used magic to fly a small cloud around the sky.

Richard was getting very upset because his kite wouldn't fly, and Amber was getting tired of holding it up for him, so the Little Green Man decided to help. He used his magic to make the kite fly high into the sky. Amber was so surprised that she forgot to let go of the kite. She flew into the sky also! The Little Green Man was concerned. He hadn't meant for THAT to happen!

Meanwhile, Mark's kite ran right into the magical cloud and seemed to disappear. A moment later the string fell to the earth. Mark looked at it, scratching his head wonderingly.

Just then Amber screamed! The detached dragon kite had transformed into a REAL dragon! And it snatched Amber out of the air and disappeared into the cloud again.

'Uh oh!' said Juliet. 'Mom's going to be mad!'

'Did you see that?' asked Richard excitedly. 'It was a REAL DRAGON!'

'No duh!' said Mark sarcastically. His arms were folded across his chest and he looked angry, but Juliet and Richard both knew this was only his thoughtful look. After a moment he muttered: 'We have to get up there somehow to rescue Amber.'

'I can help,' said the Little Green Man. 'You can bounce up!'

'Bounce up?' said Richard dubiously.

The Little Green Man produced a bottle of soap bubbles from his deep pocket, and he quickly blew a 10-foot bubble around the children. He used his magic.
'Now bounce!' shouted the Little Green Man. 'The bubble won't break until I tell it to.'

The children all started to jump up and down, but the bubble only wobbled around making Richard crash into first one wall then the other and then into Juliet.

'Hold it,' said Mark, waiting for the others to stop jumping. 'We all need to jump together. Ok, One... Two... Three... JUMP!' and they all jumped at the same time. The bubble bounced a few inches into the air. When it came back down Mark yelled 'Jump!' again and they went up about two feet. Over and over they made the bubble bounce and it went higher and higher until it was as high as the cloud. It wasnt' easy, but they maneuvered the bubble over to the cloud and came to rest there.

There was a small house-sized castle on the cloud and Amber was in the courtyard playing patty-cake with the dragon. It wasn't easy for a little girl to play patty-cake with such a large dragon. Every time the dragon tried to hit Amber's hands with his he would knock her over backwards! Amber would get mad then, and kick him in the leg. Then she would get up and the whole thing would happen again.

Juliet and Richard thought this was pretty funny. But Mark didn't seem to think so. Instead of laughing, he yelled: 'Hey dragon! Give us back our sister!'

The dragon looked at Mark and blinked. Amber tried to run to her brothers and sister but the dragon grabbed her and held her back. 'You can't take her away!' cried the dragon. 'If she leaves I will be so lonely!'

'She can't stay here,' said Juliet.

'Well,' said the dragon thoughtfully, 'maybe if you brought me something to take her place...'

'Ok,' Mark interrupted. He abruptly rolled the bubble to the edge of the cloud and it slowly lowered to the ground.

'What now?' asked the Little Green Man. He made the bubble pop and the three kids emerged.

'We have to trade something for Amber,' explained Mark.

'Ok, let's run home and get something,' said the Little Green Man. 'Meet you back here in five minutes!' And off he dashed.

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Page Three

The kids hurried home and each grabbed something they thought was special enough to replace Amber. Then they raced back to the park.

The Little Green Man was already there. He had a bottle in his hands and was sitting on a hideous old rug. 'Come sit on my flying carpet,' he said.

Juliet made a face. She didn't want to sit on that ugly thing and get her shorts dirty! But Mark and Richard eagerly sat on the choicest spots.

'Come on, Juliet!' said Richard. 'Don't be scared!'

Juliet didn't want ANYONE to think she was scared! She quickly sat down and held tightly to her special gift for the dragon.

When they arrived at the cloud castle, Amber and the dragon were both waiting for them.

'We brought your gifts,' said Juliet.

'Oh goody!' exclaimed the dragon as he clapped his hands. 'May I see them now, please?'

'Well at least he's polite,' muttered Richard under his breath. Juliet nodded silently. She didn't look happy.

Mark showed his gift first. It was a small dragon statue. It was very pretty with many fine colors painted on its scales. The dragon thought the statue was wonderful.

'But it won't keep me company,' said the dragon.

Mark sadly took his gift back.

Next Richard handed over his gift. It was a peanut butter sandwich. 'I made it myself,' said Richard proudly.

The dragon tasted it and it was quite good, but it couldn't play patty-cake.

'You can keep it anyway,' said Richard.

Richard looked so sad he looked like he was going to cry. That made Amber start to cry. She ran to comfort Richard.

Now it was Juliet's turn. She looked even sadder than Richard as she handed her gift to the dragon.

The dragon smiled as he accepted Juliet's gift. It was Juliet's pet cat, Sunny.

'Oh, this is perfect!' said the dragon happily. Sunny was a nice cat and seemed to purr all the time. He was purring now, and Juliet began to cry.
The dragon looked at her sadly. He could not accept a gift if it brought someone else so much pain! It would never give him the happiness he sought. He gently placed Sunny back into Juliet's arms.

'I guess there is no gift to free me from loneliness,' said the dragon. 'That is ok. You can take Amber back now. I realize it was wrong for me to take her in the first place.' The dragon stook up to his full height and started to walk slowly to the castle.

'Wait!' shouted the Little Green Man. 'You haven't received my gift yet!'

The dragon turned around slowly. He didn't have much hope left at this point.

The Little Green Man carefully opened the lid of the bottle he was carrying.

Out flew a beautiful butterfly! The butterfly fluttered by the dragon.

'It is lovely!' said the dragon. 'Can I play patty-cake with it?'

'Not yet,' said the Little Green Man. 'If you tried to play patty-cake with it now, it would soon be crushed.'

'Oh no!' exclaimed the dragon. He would never want to hurt anything!

'I can use my magic to make it so you cannot hurt the butterfly if you like," offered the Little Green Man.

'Oh yes, I would indeed like that!' said the dragon.

'Ok then,' said the Little Green Man. 'I will make you as small as the butterfly.'

'Will I still be able to fly up to the cloud?' asked the dragon worriedly.

'Oh yes, and you will even be able to fly among people without frightening them too much, so you will be able to visit Amber or the other kids,' explained the Little Green Man.

'That sounds wonderful!' cried the dragon. 'Can you do it now?'

'Immediately,' replied the Little Green Man. He used his magic to shrink the dragon until it was no larger than a dragonfly. Oh, but what an interesting dragonfly! This one looked like a real dragon!

'Thank you!' called the tiny dragon, as he flew away with the butterfly. The Little Green Man and the kids all waved good-bye.

It only took a moment for them to all board the flying carpet and sail back to the ground.

'What a day!' Mark exclaimed as he led the other kids home. Amber said nothing. She was busy watching a butterfly chasing a dragonfly nearby.

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