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Issue Index
These issues were originally created with 'The Newsroom', which was quite an innovative program in its day. click here to see my original review of this software, as published in PSAN.

The limitations of this included the print quality of a single color 9 pin dot matrix printer. Often the graphics would be slightly distorted due to skipped lines during printing. Also, certain fonts were availible in all caps only. Any newsletter printed in all caps can become annoying very quickly. Fortunately the HTML versions are free of the occassional 'all caps' restriction, but the images used here are those scanned from the original newsletters.

To see the actual fully scanned images of the original pages of the newsletters click here. Each of the full-sized scanned images is approximately 100 mb in length. To view the HTML versions of the pages instead, click the appropriate links below.
The html listings:
vol. 1 Issue 1
Date: Unknown
This first issue was undated, but I estimate it was created in July 1988. Several columns are introduced here including 'Smart Mark Sez' by Mark, and 'The Cat Box' by Juliet. There is also a cute story about Richard and the Toilet that comes to life!
vol. 1 Issue 2
Date: 8-19-88
Features a short story about Richard, by Juliet. The first of the 'Amber Says' features. There is also a Strange Story written by Mark and Richard.
vol. 1 Issue 3
Date: 8-26-88
More stories and goofiness from the Ormston kids, including a special story entitled 'Juliet and Friends'.
vol.1 Issue 4
Date: 9-2-88
Special Birthday Issue, celebrating Juliet's 9th birthday. There is also a cute 'Little Green Man' story. Like most of the stories here, these stories were started by me, and told in such a way that the listeners because active participants. Each child would add their own actions to the story, making it involved and interacting. There is also a report on dinosaurs by Richard.
vol. 1 Issue 5
Date: 9-9-88
Mark talks about the hot, hot summer weather, Amber sees a blimp, and short reports by Mark, Juliet and Richard too. Mark tells a story about a giant frog friend.
vol. 1 Issue 6
Date: 9-16-88
Special Edition!! Report on the kids trip to Knott's Berry Farm with Mike Herrick!
vol. 1 Issue 7
Date: 9-23-88
Starts with an article about an Atari Computer Faire. Also includes an article by Juliet about the cat.
vol. 1 Issue 8
Date: 9-30-88
A report by Mark about school. Richard talks about food. Another Amber says installment. And finally there is another Weird Story about an alien!
vol. 1 Issue 9
Date: 10-7-88
Another cat article by Juliet, followed by differing viewpoints of the wive's club meeting. Mark's view seems more entertaining =).
vol. 1 Issue 10
Date: 10-14-88
Amber, Terror of the Household! Also a Fishy story with Juliet.
vol. 1 Issue 11
Date: 10-21-88
Richard and Mark talk about Richard's birthday, and Juliet tells a special Halloween story.
vol. 1 Issue 12
Date: 10-28-88
Juliet talks about trees, Mark discusses the latest events, and Richard talks about the Halloween Costume Parade from school.
vol. 1 Issue 13
Date: 11-5-88
News items, a report on the Halloween Party by Richard, and a poem about Birds by Juliet. All this, and Amber says too.
vol. 1 Issue 14
Date: 11-11-88
News--toxic waste spill has everyone evacuating their houses! Some Madlibs, and a seek-a-word fill in for entertainment.
vol. 1 Issue 15
Date: 11-25-88
A special and sobering report on schoolyard violence by Juliet, a Thanksgiving story by Mark, and the long-awaited Amber Page.
vol. 1 Issue 16
Date: 12-9-88
Juliet and Mark talk about events in school, Richard gives a cute report on big cats, A Christmas story by Mark, and an new Amber says.
vol. 1 Issue 17
Date: 12-28-88
A special Christmas issue, and the final issue of volume 1. The kids talk about their presents, and there are also a couple of madlibs thrown in for fun.
vol. 2 Issue 1
Date: July 1990
The first and only of the second edition Ormston Extras that I have. If there were more written, I have no idea where they might be. This issue features many of the favorite areas of the previous volumes, including the cat box by Juliet, as well as dialogs with each of the other children, and includes a lengthy 'Little Green Man' story as well.